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Bubble Revolution is a multimedia project that combines theatre, virtual exhibition, social networks, and storytelling.

Bubble Revolution takes you on a journey to 1980s and 1990s Poland: a land filled with queues, ration cards, fake chocolate and dreams about Nutella, sounds of Michael Jackson,  cheap wine, bad sex, and other memories, colours, scents, and sounds of the past.

Enter Bubble Revolution and see your-own-child-self in a foreign memory…


Bubble Revolution by Silver Merick

About the Play

‘Because us Poles, or Polacks as they call us in the West, us car-thieves, drunks, trouble-makers – that’s all we know. Just do it? Do it! But make sure you are wearing Nike shoes! All we can do is start revolutions.’

J. Holewińska, Bubble Revolution About the Play

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